Storm Damage & Insurance Claims

Recovering Your Property After Hail Damage

After a big hail or wind storm, there may be a lot of things you have to recover. Fortunately, at Sparrow Properties, LLC, we offer wind and hail damage repair for your home. We understand the difficulties that come from a big storm and are committed to relieving some stress with services that can’t be beat.

Possible Repairs

At Sparrow Properties, LLC, we have a wide range of services that will help you rebuild after a big storm. Some possible repairs that might be required include the following and more:

  • Window Replacement – We can install new windows if yours were blown out or damaged by hail, which also benefits you in creating more energy efficiency.
  • Siding Installation – If your siding was dented or blown off, we have high quality products for you to choose from for your replacement.
  • Roofing – Many wind storms cause missing shingles. We can replace individual shingles or replace an entire roof, depending on your needs.

An Ally During Rebuilding

When you have to rebuild after a storm, you need an ally. At Sparrow Properties, LLC, we are your partners in rebuilding your home. Our many construction and renovation services will help you out tremendously, but our professionals will also make a difference. If you are dealing with the insurance company, we will be by your side. We will always advocate on your behalf to ensure you get proper compensation from the insurance company after your devastating event.

Get Started Today

To get started with your storm damage repair, contact Sparrow Properties, LLC in Oklahoma today. Whether you need help with wind damage insurance claims, need a new roof installed or simply want some advice on the best course of action to take, we’ll get you taken care of. Call us today at (405) 412-2924 to get started on a project that can improve your home and help you find beauty in it once again.