4 Benefits of Healthy Gutters

Most people know that unhealthy or clogged gutters can lead to a long list of problems, not to mention expenses. What about healthy gutters? Although you may not realize it, healthy gutters are some of the best assets you can have in keeping an insulated and efficient home. Here are four of the best benefits associated with a well-running drainage system.


1. Avoid Ice Dams


While Oklahoma is, for the most part, exempt from many of the brutal winters the rest of the country experiences, it’s also not uncommon for us to see snow and ice. Ice is a big no-no in gutters, as it can become lodged and form a literal dam. By keeping your system clean and clear of debris, you don’t give ice dams the opportunity to form or necessitate gutter repair.


2. Prevent Water Damage


Healthy gutters also thwart damage by moving where it needs to go. When it is clear of obstacles, your drainage system safely and effectively diverts runoff from spilling onto roofing, siding and the foundation. None of these areas are places that should be retaining water, and healthy gutters keep things that way. In worst-case scenarios, clogged gutters can lead to total roof replacement.


3. Boost Efficiency


Another perk of healthy gutters is reflected in your energy bill. It may not seem like there is a connection between the two components, but there absolutely is. If gutters are blocked by ice, you’ll notice a chill inside your home. Even when temperatures are mild, the retained moisture can make your heater’s job much harder. When gutters are in good condition, your heater works its best.


4. Protect Wellbeing


Lastly, healthy gutters also help ensure your personal wellbeing and safety. When water is stagnant in gutters, it gives mold the perfect opportunity to grow. Mold is associated with a wide variety of home and health concerns; don’t give it a chance to flourish.


Contact your local roofing contractor for professional gutter maintenance.