Adding Home Value: The Interior

When it comes to interior remodeling, there are a few key projects that add more overall home value than others. Focusing your efforts on improving the flow of both the kitchen and the bathroom are two great methods. You can also make thoughtful updates around the entire house, such as adding energy-efficient windows and custom storage space. Here are four of the best value-add projects.


Insulating Windows


Many homeowners think of windows as an exterior project, but the benefits of new windows extend to the interior as well. Modern, high-efficiency windows provide exceptional protection from UV rays. This keeps furnishings and paint looking fresh, all while saving you on your monthly energy bill. In addition to value, you can also get a boost in style from updating your windows.


Kitchen Flow


People spend more time in the kitchen than most any room in the house. Whether we are entertaining friends or simply cooking up a meal, people are naturally drawn to gather in the kitchen. You can get a big boost in value, then, by optimizing flow in this area. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of kitchen cabinets, while other times a change in island location helps free up space.


Spa-Like Bathrooms


Another way to boost home value is by turning your bathrooms into miniature day-spas. Invest in features that add comfort, like a deep soaking tub or a rain-head walk-in shower. Don’t be afraid to spend to get the relaxing retreat you want; this is an investment that pays for itself in the end.


Storage Space


Lastly, you can get a lift in value by adding custom storage space. Hardly anyone can resist the allure of a walk-in closet, but this isn’t the only way to increase your asking price. Talk to your local contractor for personalized advice on how to maximize organization around your home.


These are just some of the interior features that give you the biggest return on investment.