Gutter Maintenance Best Practices

The weather in Oklahoma can deliver some unpredictable conditions, to say the least, but your gutters are designed to handle it all. When they are clear of obstructions, gutters in Oklahoma can effectively divert downpour away from your house and protect your exterior from extensive water damage. When they are clogged, however, you cannot reap… Continue Reading

Are You Ready for Colder Weather?

Get ready to say goodbye to summer barbecues and sticky weather; colder temperatures are on the way! That’s right; fall is on the horizon and we are looking ahead to football, holiday parties, and the first dip out of Oklahoma’s sweltering heat. First, however, it is important to make sure our exteriors are up for… Continue Reading

How to Make a Small Home Feel Bigger

How to Make a Small Home Feel Bigger

You don’t have to have much square footage to feel like you’re living in a spacious abode, but it can be tricky to know where to start your remodel project. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered. If you want to make your tiny home feel larger, use these four suggestions to make the biggest impact.  … Continue Reading

5 Advantages of Metal Roofing

5 Advantages of Metal Roofing

Although a new metal roof can come with a hefty price tag upfront, there are often many advantages that justify the initial cost. In fact, metal is one of the longest lasting and most energy-efficient roofing options on the market. Here are five benefits that make metal roofing a smart choice.   Lightweight   One… Continue Reading

Finding the Right Contractor for Your Project

Whether you want to replace a few old windows or redesign your kitchen, you’ll likely find hundreds of potential contractors for the job. Although it can be tempting to spring for the lowest offer, there are often many other factors that are more important. Here are some of the best ways to find the perfect… Continue Reading

Is Gutter Protection Right for You?

Gutters in Oklahoma work overtime year round to keep our homes, roofs, and exteriors functioning properly. Whether they are managing the latest torrential downpour or helping out our air conditioners, gutters are one of our best defenses against water damage. As most homeowners know, however, it can take quite a bit of maintenance to keep… Continue Reading

4 Reasons to Install a Deck

There’s nothing like spring and summer in Oklahoma, especially if you have your very own outdoor living space. Decks and patios provide the perfect space for gathering with friends and family, while outdoor kitchens sweeten the scene. If you don’t already have an outdoor entertainment space, spring is one of the best times to think… Continue Reading

How to Improve Home Energy Efficiency

Now that the temperature is starting to heat up here in Oklahoma, we could all use a little extra help with saving on our monthly utility bills. While we’ve all heard the standby suggestions of turning on ceiling fans and raising the thermostat to a barely-comfortable level, there are several other things you can do… Continue Reading

4 Places to Add Value With Remodeling

Whether you want to improve the way your kitchen flows or design your own personal outdoor retreat, there are many great reasons to invest in an exterior or interior remodeling project. Beyond the livability and comfort a new space can bring, remodeling can also add tremendous overall value and curb appeal to your home. You… Continue Reading

Prepare for Spring; Check Your Roof and Gutters

It’s March in Oklahoma and that means that it’s the beginning of severe weather season. With those warmer temperatures comes a host of springtime weather threats including rain, thunderstorms, hail, and tornadoes. Before these seasonal markers make their inevitable entrance, now is a great time to tend to pressing repairs on your home’s roof, guttters… Continue Reading