Make These Exterior Repairs Now

Now that the summer heat is finally starting to release its grip on the state of Oklahoma, it is time to remedy any lingering storm damage before the incoming cold has the chance to make problems worse. By being proactive now, you can ensure your roof and home are ready and equipped to handle the change in temperature. Here are four of the most important exterior repairs to make before winter.


Damage to Siding


Siding damage can lead to a wide variety of problems if left unaddressed. When affected by hail or extensive water damage, siding can allow moisture to seep into walls. If this occurs, you may notice that your home feels extra chilly this winter. Contact your contractor if you notice your siding is loose, warped, or shows signs of impact.


Worn Shingles


Roof repair is also critical during fall, especially if you have asphalt shingles. Although shingles are designed to provide at least 15 years of performance against hail, wind, and thunderstorms, these conditions can still cause even a health roof to break down. If you want to be sure you have adequate insulation this winter, be sure to fix any broken shingles now.


Dilapidated Gutters


Gutters can take on the brunt of damage during a summer storm, especially if they are continually clogged. The bad news really comes during winter, when hazardous ice dams can seemingly appear without notice. If it has been a long time since you scheduled gutter maintenance, do so now to avoid problems and expenses down the road.


Broken Windows


Lastly, be sure to inspect all windows for breaks and cracks in the seal. These issues will be of little help when colder temperatures arrive, as they will zap your heater’s efforts and cause your energy bill to spike.


These are just some of the most critical exterior repairs to make this fall.